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Since the publication of my books, Addiction to Love and The Art of Changing, many people have asked me for my advice. I am happy to say that I have finally decided to hang out my shingle and make my services available. Please understand that I am not a therapist. I am a licensed teacher—with 30 years of experience helping people understand the nature and origin of their problems and how they can find the path to a better life. My specialty is working with love addicts, avoidance addicts, codependents and couples. I am also a wounded healer which means I am a recovering love addict myself. This is why I know healing is possible and that my advice really works.

Online Workshop

This is a nine-lesson course based on the class I taught for 15 years. It is $450 or $50 per lesson. Description.


I do Skype for thirty minute sessions. The cost is $60. I will listen to your story and offer you a diagnosis. Then I will outline a program of recovery that if followed is guaranteed to work. I only do Skype on my lap top not my phone. If this does not work we can do a phone session.


A lot of people do not have time for counseling but they have questions about love addiction and recovery. Send your questions to my email. Each question is $10 no matter how much time I spend answering. I will be thorough and provide additional resources.


If you prefer an email correspondence, please send your story, including some information about your childhood, and a list of questions I charge $1/minute for my response.

Life Coach

As a Life Coach I will guide you through your relationship once you find someone. You check in every few days for guidance and with a list of questions. You agree not to do anything drastic before consulting with me.

Working the Steps

While it is best to find a sponsor in a 12-Step program to work the steps, I am willing to help you for a donation to my prison ministry.

Advisor Live

Letters of Recommendation

Sample E-Mail Correspondence


Getting it Right

The Advantage of Self-Help Books

To Make a Payment

Contact Susan

The Difference Between Psychotherapy
and What I Offer

Psychotherapy is done with a licensed therapist. It can be defined in different ways. Click here for a detailed list of definitions.

My background is in teaching. I am a licensed teacher in the state of California. My counseling takes my teaching to a personal level. It is to the point and advice-driven. I have studied psychotherapy enough to know when I should not be working with someone, so if I do engage with a client I may confront him or her directly rather than tiptoe around the problem. Think Dr. Phil.

My expertise is teaching people how to help themselves. and I specialize in treating men who suffer from love addiciton or codependency I have been doing this for 30 years since I discovered I was a love addict.

Remember: There is always a brighter tomorrow. Trust me. I am a recovering love addict. I have been there. I know what the pain is like and what it takes to recover. It takes time and we must be patient. But we cannot do this alone. As they say in CoDA. We need each other.

Announcement: In 2014 I began working as a concierge teacher. I have been to Switzerland and my last client flew in from Germany. If you want to schedule this three-day workshop I can come to you or you can come to me. Each day we spend four hours together in a hotel room (10-12 am & 1-4 pm). Usually three days will be enough time to really get you started in recovery. You might call it a mini-treatment center with only you as a client. Contact me for more information.






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 love addict, love addiction, love addicts, sex and love addict