Susan is a wonderful, inspiring, caring counselor. I can recommend her 100%. There are few people in the world who have such a knowledge around love addiction, love avoidance, and recovery from that. She replies very quickly and has always her finger right on the point. She can easily, and intuitively, analyze your relationship situation and tell you right what to do. She is blunt about this, and this is exactly what you need when you have lost control in toxic entanglements. 

Christian Hemschemeier, Psychiatrist

Susan, you are a pioneer. You have shaped the profession's response to love addiction. Your way of helping is a model for the future that is going to lead to more people getting loving support. I really admire your persistent and patient counseling. You have helped me a great deal.


This is so funny. I was so intimated about contacting you, but felt an overpowering need to personally thanking you for reassuring me that I had not completely lost.

When I discovered you were now offeringmd counseling, you didn't have to ask me twice!!! The only works I found that was on 'par' with yours were offered by authors Dorothy Tennov and Pia Mellody. Dorothy's work regarding limerences was fascinating, but very depressing as she claimed constantly it is tough if not impossible to treat--promising years of pain. If months experiencing these bizarre feelings was tearing up both my heart and pocketbook, Dr. Tennov's message of hopelessness and suggestions to 'deal with it' were not options for me.

Ms. Mellody's work was also very intriguing, but became complicated as she switched back and forth between love addiction and avoidance addiction. . . at one point I was simultaneously both and neither!

Once I read your books, I immediately found your work to be down to earth (free of annoying psycho babble), clear, concise, relevant, and full of hope. It was so powerful to turn the pages of your books and related and understand me immediately. Then you offeredd me a way out.

I knew I had found my "answer" when you told me it was a symptom of love addiction to smother your partner. I knew in my heart you understood me at my worst! It was as if you had jumped out from the pages of a book and "nailed" me right there.

I read your second book [The Art of Changing] as my addiction had escalated past the point of making no sense to me. It became my "bible" of hope as my therapist and I poured through the concepts of change you presented seeking how I might recover.

Thank you again! It has been my pleasure and miracle meeting you! I hope my partner enjoyed my strange and continuous love. . . as it is coming to an end very very soon. Time's up buddy as I'm moving on!!!!


Susan asked me to share a little of my story. I am involved in a triangle with a girl 27 years younger than me who lives in Colombia South America. What started out as a fling has lasted 4 years and is starting to take a toll on me in the form of an obsession or addiction. It wasn't good. I believe in a universal being. I grew up Catholic and went envangelico for a while but discovered that we all have our own connection to God.

I firmly believe it was God that led me to Susan and her book and my eventually booking some time with her. During that first session it was like I was hit over the head with a bat. It was so clear and so subliminal. What was said was transmitted between Susan's spirit and mine. Believe me I got the word.

I am in the process of following Susan's recommendation of writing an email to cut off my affair. I wrote it and am working on the courage to send it. I am a bit of chicken and I am fighting with my inner child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Susan taught me about this.

If I sound overwhelmed with Susan please excuse me. I don't want to make her a cult figure but she really did help me immensely. I know it's about common sense but some people are more gifted than others. I think this is Susan's case.

I count on your prayers and support and I already accept my recovery. Thanks for reading this.


Thank you very much for your time. The last days had more effect on me than 2 years of therapy. We will continue . . .


I am a 46 year old male. In 2012, I was at a point in my life where I finally separated from my 11-year-old relationship with an abusive partner. Then, immediately, I jumped into a new relationship. She was beautiful and fueled my interest to the maximum, up to a point where I could not focus on anything else. I was obsessed.

Convinced that I had found my true love, instead I found myself entering again into a relationship with another abusive person, this time someone with narcissistic tendencies. Soon I was in despair, I did not understand what was happening to me, despite my 6 year journey to find myself at retreats and seminars.

In 2013, I was handed a book written by Susan Peabody, and I decided to write to her. It was the best decision of my life.

Susan and I started our introduction through email to understand if there was a solid program to help me out of this situation. After a couple of professional emails, it was clear that Susan could help me.

Since we lived on different continents we decided that the best approach was to have Susan fly in to begin her one-on-one sessions, where the speed of learning and Susan's interpersonal skills and wisdom could help me immdeiately without delay. This was the right approach for me.

The sessions were strong and confrontational and helped me to really understand my patterns in relating to women and why time after time I fell for the same type of abusive woman. Of course, it was difficult to look in the mirror and be confronted with my own destructive patterns, and behaviors, but I did it. I looked at all that had happended in an adult way. They are no blocks anymore for my further development.

Today, I have a solid insight into my upbringing, the scars and neglect, and my coping mechanisms. It is clear how I fell into the trap of love addiction. In the final session, Susan and I worked on my Imago, the unconscious ideal partner, which was born out of my dysfunctional family upbringing. We followed up by constructing the image of the healthy partner for me. Susan was instrumental in all this and she kept me away from falling into the traps of love addiction.

Since my time with Susan, I feel whole, I am content with myself and have met a wonderful woman, whom I will marry and have a family with. My patterns of abuse are gone, and I am now what Susan calls, "relationship material."

I want to recommend Susan to any person who is motivated to look deep into the mirror. If you can afford it, please sign up for her counseling sessions, which helped me more than my six years in therapy. I also want to recommend her books. They hold so much information that I believe saved my life.



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 love addict, love addiction, love addicts, sex and love addict   

 love addict, love addiction, love addicts, sex and love addict