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The first step is to write your book and then edit it until you think it is finished. Do not submiit just an idea to the publisher and hope she will write it for you. Then we need to send it to a professional proofreader not for editing but to get rid of the typos. If you do want someone to edit the book, their are a lot of good editors out there. Remember, that the book does not have to be perfect. It just needs to get out there so people can benefit from your wisdom.

The next step is to do the camera-ready work. This means creating how the pages look. We are good at that. Our typesetter once had a business called "Camera Ready Copy." She produced hundreds of books and her customers were always happy with her artistic touch. Letters of recommendation are available upon request.

The next step is to create a Pdf and send it to our printer.

Then we have to pick a book cover. We can design our own or if you want to save money pay for a picture you like and use that.

Once the book is ready, we will sell it through Amazon and our printer for a reasonable price. You will set your own price through the printer and Amazon will set their price.

On Amazon we will need to be our own distributor and have the printer ship books to Amazon. They will keep track of your sales and send you monthly royalty check. They will give you your own page on the Amazon website and a separate author's page. You can then link this to your website.

Marketing can be bought online or you can market your own book. The best way to do this is to write articles on websites and put your bio at the end of the article. You can also post excerpts of your books on several online websites like The Fix.

Our main focus is production. We guarantee a beautiful book ready to ship to anyone. As for our price, that is negotiable. Usuallly $1500 which can be paid in three installments.

We work quickly so the timeline depends on how fast you respond to our requests.

Brighter Tomorrow Publishing was established to help new authors. When Susan first got published it was with a big company and as soon as sales lagged they took the book off of the market. She decided to publish her last two books to maintain control of the production, sales and most of all the copyright.



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