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Surviving Withdrawal: The Breakup Workbook for Love Addicts.

Jim Hall, M.A.


This book is a great new resource for those going through the pain of withdrawal. Up to now we have only had a few flimsy resources—-a few articles here and there. There are also some books about breaking up but nothing as good as this, because this is a workbook.

Activities that distract us from the pain of withdrawal (like writing in a workbook) are a valuable resource. Any distraction is important, but this is a distraction that focuses on your recovery.

We know a lot about love addiction but hardly anything about getting through withdrawal (breakup). Bravo Jim!

Surviving Withdrawal Workbook

Jim Hall, M.A., is a counselor and love addiction specialist. Jim authors several eBooks on love addiction and recovering from love addiction available on his website at www.loveaddictionhelp.com.


Surviving Withdrawal: The Breakup Workbook for Love Addicts.

The Love Addict in Love Addiction: Gateway to Recovery

Jim is currently completing a recovery program series for love and relationship addiction which will soon be available on www.loveaddictionhelp.com




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