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After 57 years as an agnostic I finally found Christ.

My beloved daughter in heaven.


Family and Friends

Captions are on the top

Kathy's High School Graduation

Kathy's Wedding

Karl [My Son] 6'6"

Karl MVP Berkeley High School

My grandson as a puppy.

My grandauther in Hawaii

My granddaughter Hailey

Isabelle and Hailey [My Granddaughters]

My son Karl

Hailey and Friends


Karl and His Addiction

Karl 2014

My beloved Sandra, 2008

Sandra as a baby. I love her eyes in this photo.

My Friend Joyce

My Friend Patricia (Sandra's Friend)

Anu from India


Susan, Monty, Isabelle, Karl,
Kathy, Hailey, Mom [My Family]

Christmas Present from Sebastian (Boots) 2014

Nancie and Lori [Five Sisters Ranch]

Momento from Switzerland (Rabbit Fur)

Frank Playing His Drums

Sol, Franks Brother

Lori Jean, Susan, and Will

My friend Nick [pilot]

You will always have a safe flight with Nick

My friend Joshann
and her husband Kad


Favorite Art

The 12 Step Program I Co-Founded

Donated by artist for my workbook.

The Secret

Karl and Me (Clip Art)

Susan's Surrender


Dancing Women

Sorrow, from my memoirs, in the Woods

Power of Women [Brilliant but No Legs to Stand On]

My story is in this book (The Hungry Heart)

The Wounded Healer

Spirit (My Guardian Angel)


Wounded Susie

Gretchen (My Outer Child; My shadow; My Protector; My Pain Body; The Face of my Anger, etc.)

Beloved from my book Where Love Abides

My Third Eye

Beloved in Where Love Abides


Love Story

Susan Praying

Susie (My Inner Child)

Karl's concept for his new book about False Realities


This album is dedicated to Sebastian who gave me my fist dignital camera. Thank you friend.




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