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The Addictive Personality

Typical Kinds of Love Addicts

Self Esteem

The Rejection Wound


Processing Trauma

Impulse Control



The Love Addict's Quest

The Imago Concept

Dating with a Purpose

The Original Wound

The Pleasure Compulsion: Play It Again Sam

Transactional Analysis

12 Steps to Building Self-Esteem


Typical Kinds of Love Addicts (in Italian)

Controlling Techniques

Seductive Withholders

The Progression of a Healthy Relationship

Couples Compatibilty Test

Wounded Healers

Understanding Anger

Relationship Addicts

Wounded Healers

Getting it Right

How Therapy Works

The Imago
Harville Hendrix


Working the 12 Steps: Keeping it Simple

Is Love Addiction Different From Sex Addiction?

Where Kindness Leaves Off & Codpendency Begins

Caregiving versus Caretaking

Personality Disorders

Italian Translations

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