Why I Write


Why do I write about recovery? I write because I love to teach. I only wish the woman I am today could reach back in time and teach the young woman I was. I would try to help her see what is so clear to me now. That change is important. That there is nothing to be afraid of. That dreams come true if we change: That it is never too late to change, and the sooner we get started, the easier it is to adjust to the changes we make. Most of all, that we are not alone as we make these changes. There are what Joseph Campbell calls “invisible hands,” which come to our aid when we are ready to change

The following e-mail came to me on October 20, 2003. It was addressed to my publisher. Writers can wait a lifetime to hear something like this.

"I thought you might like to hear a quick story about your online article, "Would You Like to Get Well?" by Susan Peabody.

I have a 57-year-old friend who has spent her whole adult life fighting schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder and numerous physical problems. This summer she was going downhill so fast both physically and emotionally we feared we would have to put her in managed care. She has a high IQ and has her degree in psychology but neither her education or her therapists or psychiatrists could help her.

I gave her a copy of the article. She read it and realized she was afraid to get well. She spent some time thinking about it and decided she had nothing to lose. She made the decision to get well and has made such amazing progress none of her therapists or doctors can believe it.

The story is too long to tell here but I wanted you and Susan to know what an impact her article made and how instrumental it was in Janet's decision to change her life and get well. She has begun attending Vallejo Drive Church and wants to become a member. She wants to go back to school and become a hospital chaplain. Thanks to you and Susan for helping to save her life."


Do You Want to Get Well?



From Sebastian

Look at you and what you did. Ultimately you listened to your calling. I am proud of you. I learned so much and maybe the most essential part of me, which rose in me after your teachings, is that I am the best i can be in the time I am. Of course I can be better but its good to be me, and I can be proud. With that knowledge, I can fuel my self love and not need a mirror around me to confirm what and who I am.

I love you dearest and thank you for the gift you have given me. I will pass it on with pride to my brother and others.

Your teachings will be saving many people and are a contribution to mankind. I am so proud and grateful to have met you, shared great time and exchanges.