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Recovery in Co-DA

Through God's abundant love, the spiritual principles of our program and our willingness to be rigorously honest in continuing our recovery to the best of our abilty, we will come to know a new sense of belonging. We will begin to trust and believe in ourselves and that the healing of our past is possible. We'll no longer be controlled by fear and shame. We will find we are able to respond to life's challenges with courage, integrity and dignity. Others will longer be our gods. We will experience a new love and acceptance of ourselves and others. We will become capable of developing and maintaining healthy and loving relationships, and we will learn to see ourselves as equal to others. We will learn that it's possible for our families to mend and become more loving and intimate. We will come to now that we are each a unique creation of a loving Higher Power, born with beauty, value and worth. And, we will progressively experience spiritual strength and serenity in our daily lives.

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