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I do a lot of work to help people so I am always thrilled to have donations from anyone who has been blessed with spare change.

I use donations for all kinds of things. . .

Homeless Outreach.

To keep all of my non-profits going.

To keep my websites going.

Prison Ministry.

Non Profits

Love Addicts Anonymous

Free Message Board for Love Addicts

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Susan Peabody
1933 Santa Clara
Vallejo, CA 94590


Susan Kathleen Peabody
is 68 years old and lives in Vallejo, California.

She has a son, Karl, a daughter, Kathleen (deceased), a sister, a husband and two grandchildren, Isabelle and Hailey. When not on the computer Susan helps out at her church and has fun with her family. Mostly she writes and tries to help others.

"Freely, Freely you have received. Freely, freely give. Go in my name and because you believe. Others will know that I live."


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