Adult Children Literature

The Rejection Wound

What it Means to be an Adult Child

Original Wound

Peer Rejection

Religious Trauma

Coping Mechanisms


Caregiving vs. Caretaking

Transactional Analysis

12 Steps to Processing Trauma

The Inner Critic

Hypersensitivity in Adult Children

Anger & Trauma

Anger & Trauma Part II

Anger & Disassociation

Our Inner Personalities

Kinds of Trauma

Parenting Styles


Feeling Your Feelings

Attachment Styles

Self-Esteem for Adult Children

Forgiving Others

Trauma & Recovery

Healing & Writing

Emotional Incest


Spirituality & Recovery

Kindness Vs. Codependency

Sibling Rivalry

Being a Middle Child

The Outer Child

Personality Disorders

The Promises

Inner Child Corner
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